Litter Picking Information

General Litter Picking Event Information

  • Everyone welcome – Children must be supervised at all times
  • All equipment provided. We kindly ask you bring your own gloves for hygiene reasons
  • Please wear suitable closed shoes, we recommend wearing boots
  • At the start of the event we will meet up at arranged time and hand out equipment
  • Look out for the group leaders wearing purple hi – vis, they are there to help during the event
  • We then usually head off in different directions and meet back at the meeting point when finished
  • Pick as much as you feel comfortable, even if you only want to stay a 10 minutes, your help is appreciated

At the end we will then meet back up, put bags at the collection point, and enjoy a hot drink and biscuits, congratulating each other on our efforts and comparing finds

The council will then come along after the event to collect waste.

Safety Information

Sodbury and Yate Clean Up is a volunteer group and is not responsible, is not liable for anyone’s health and safety. Everyone is responsible for their own health and safety when litter picking in their own time or attending events. We ask everyone to follow the guidelines below

  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • If you, or anyone with you is unwell or showing signs of Covid-19/Flu we ask that you wait till you are well again before attending
  • We kindly ask you to bring your own gloves to events for hygiene reasons – we recommend heavy duty garden gloves
  • Always use a picker to pick up litter and never your hands
  • Please wear suitable closed shoes, we recommend wearing boots
  • If you come across something dangerous, or hazardous during an event please notify a purple hi-vis member, litter picking in your own time please contact your local council
  • Do not overreach, or lift heavy weight that may cause injuries, if you come across heavy or awkward item during event please notify a purple hi-vis member, if it is in your own time please contact your local council
  • Please do not go onto someone’s private property 
  • Please do not pick on busy main roads. When picking around any road please stay alert
  • At the end of every litter pick event we offer hand gel and we have wipes available, but we recommend washing your hands with hot soapy water asap after litter picking
  • Most members of the public are extremely grateful when they see someone litter picking, and may want to say thank you or ask how they can get involved
  • If you see someone littering we ask that you do not confront them, their reaction may become defensive and hostile. Hopefully by subtly seeing the efforts of the group this will change their behaviour, actions speak louder than words
  • At the end of each litter pick we usually have a group photo, we will ask if you are happy to be in the photo and if you are happy for it to go online. If you would not like your photo taken please do say. 
  • You are welcome to take photos of yourself during event, or the waste collected at the end, but we do ask that you do not take photos of other members without their permission

For extra safety information and helpful tips please visit Keep Britain Tidy’s page

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