A look back on 2022 with Sodbury & Yate Clean Up

How was this all in one year!?!

  • 9 SYCU litter pick events
  • 2 lunch time picks run by Lydia
  • We joined YTC with their spring clean event in March
  • We held a tree planting event with Sodbury Woodland and Nature group at the start of Jan
  • In the summer joined @bristolavonrt with their Yellow Fish Campaign day
  • We were also awarded the ‘Three parish/mayor & chairs award’ for the second year running 🎉

A HUGE thank you to all the fabulous members who help inspire one another, keep spirits up, and give up their time to clean up our town, making it safer for us and wildlife, and a better place to live!

💐🎂Roll on 2023!!! You are all superstars!!! Wishing you all a very happy new year 💓🥂